Rubber Glove Orange Suit Nap Dream

Protective eyewear was optional.
Protective eyewear was optional.

Just woke from a nap in which I dreamed I was playing a complex, physically interactive video game at an observatory. The more I played, the louder it got, until I discovered there was a vacuum leak in the pedestal. Someone, presumably the commander, told me to fix it, and while I was doing so ordered everyone else, “Masks and gloves! Center of the floor! Right now!” Once I was done sealing the leak, I pulled open a box of rubber bands, which I knew were not masks and gloves, and put them on, at which point they became plastic plates that fit like masks and gloves. I crawled toward the center of the room, and gradually became aware I was now wearing thick rubber gloves, boots, and an orange radiation suit. In a small room, we each take turns leaping into a small bin, where we will apparently be stacked like cordwood for centuries until someone finds us. I see someone leap in, and they disappear like magic. I don’t want to do it myself, but it becomes apparent that something bad will happen if I don’t. At that point, I woke up.

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