Another Fun Fact

Many music fans know that the band Chicago was originally known as Chicago Transit Authority, but the real CTA sued the band, forcing them to pick the laconic moniker Chicago. What fans might night realize is this was neither the first nor the last example of this type of problem. Other occasions of legal action against bands for their names include the bands Boston Transit Authority, Kansas Transit Authority, John Denver Transit Authority, Twisted Sister’s Penis, U2 Me Too, Take on Me and My Giant Unit, A-Ha I See Your Underwear, Amy Grant’s Groin Pull, Art Garfunkel’s Fist Full of Funk, Bee Gees We’re Just Like the Beatles, Billy Joel Idle, No We’re Yes Not Yes No Yes, The Whom, Tony Orlando and Dusk, Four Dog Night, Fourth Eye Blind, Superiortramp, Stynx, Stevie Nicks Herself Shaving, Steely Alloy Dan, Spinal Tarp, Scott AndersEn and the Giant Baloney Heist, Roy Rogers World Airport, The Non-rolling Stones, Full Up Glass, Olivia Fig Newton, Eight Inch Nails, Stickleback, Manfred Mann’s Moon Band, Warm and the Gang, Jim Crochet, Jefferson Starship Enterprise, Jars of Gay, Indigo Guys, Hootie and the Blow Guns, Heart On, Guns and Noses, Elton’s John, Eddie Money Rabbit, Duran Duran Duran, Dan Fogelburp, Coolplay, No the Other Cindy Morgan, The Lieutenant and Tennille, Burt Back Acne, Cowardly Combo, John Bovi, and Mary Banilow.


  1. “Scott AndersEn and the Giant Baloney Heist” I believe was legally used on his third or fourth album. Here’s a shoutout, -Can someone help me on this? I seem to recall it didn’t sell well and it’s been out of print since the 90’s. Too bad it had a interesting, if not overworked structure.

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