Other Thoughts, or “That is So True”

See, I made you look.

“Oh, no, not another one of those ‘meaning of life’ blog entries.”

I was cruising around WordPress.com the other day, which features a feed on the front page of all the recent entries made by WordPress bloggers. I was hoping to find something interesting, to dispel my growing belief that my own blogs are the only interesting ones left on the internet.

Bad news. Here are some sample titles: What To Wear When You Work At Home & Other Thoughts, Lemongrass Pork Chops, pad thai + happy friday, Spring In the Village, An Open Letter to Spring.

Please, internet, stop using the words “comfy” and “jammies,” unless you are four years old. It’s embarrassing us all.

List number 46:

  • Snort the noodle
  • Scratch the grackle
  • Spackle the grackle
  • Plop the penguin
  • Don the gay apparel
  • Scorch the pelvis

“Red letters on the dashboard, oh what a gap…” …reminds me of Tina, being 16, holding her close in my Mom’s Regency 98 but never f*cking her and seldom even kissing her. I mostly wanted to commiserate, in that car in that winter in that parking lot in the cold, how much I missed M. M, who I didn’t really know, and who had already moved away and found someone else, and who was never mine in the first place.

I think most things are disgusting.

I don’t think you wear flip-flops so much as you stand on them. I think most people stand on flip-flops because they are too lazy to wear shoes.

Please please quit posting the phrase “so true.” I don’t care. No one cares if you think this stupid crap is “so true.” If you have a genuine opinion of something, please, by all means, start a blog or a journal and write a cogent paragraph or story about it. But if you were doing that, you wouldn’t be writing “so true” on Facebook.

“LOL” is not a sentence, nor does it represent a sentence. It literally translates to “I am lazy and have no original thoughts.” Literally. LOL.

Here’s something genuinely appalling: fewer and fewer people seem to know what an internet address is.  I told someone to go to an internet address the other day, and they typed the address into yahoo’s search window instead of the URL window. Welcome to the future.

Why are there so many douchebags? Why?

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