A Fungus Among Us

As I have written earlier this spring, the wet weather after two years of difficult drought has delivered some unusual biology to our corner of Oklahoma, like crane flies and harmless red wasps, not to mention toadstools in the pastures and drillions of gnats. But the most unusual sighting so far this spring has been a one-inch tall fungus tower cluster that appeared on my bathroom windowsill this morning. So far web searches have not yielded what kind of fungus this might be, so if you know, please comment.

At nearly an inch tall, this fungus appeared overnight in my bathroom window.
At nearly an inch tall, this fungus appeared overnight in my bathroom window.


  1. Nicole’s reply seems very accurate to me.

    My reply would have been ‘Holy Fungi, BarronMan!’

    I’ve never seen anything like that. (Or if I did, my brain has blanked it out.)

    It could possibly be the alien invasion for which we’ve waited so long. It’s logical that they would land first in Byng.

  2. Whatever you do, don’t eat them. They could be related to the mail-order mushrooms in the Ray Bradbury short-story “Come Into My Cellar.” If you eat them, you will be body-snatched. (Body-snatched sounds very dirty)

    It makes sense that they would target vegetarians first. Very strategic alien invaders.

  3. That was a cluster of ‘slime mold’. It is a kind of fungi too I guess :o and yes, don’t eat them hihihi.

  4. I have been finding these exact looking fungi in my bathroom for about a week now. Is there any technical term for them in which I can look up information on them.

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