Some Famous July 1 Births

Sydney Irwin Pollack (July 1, 1934May 26, 2008[1]) was an Academy Award-winning American film director, producer and actor. Born in Lafayette, Indiana to Russian Jewish immigrants, Pollack studied with Sanford Meisner at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City, where he later taught acting. He began directing television shows in the 1960s before moving to films.

David Ernest Duke
(born July 1, 1950) is a former Louisiana State Representative, a candidate in presidential primaries for the Democratic and Republican parties, and former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

Jamie Farr (born Jameel Joseph Farah on July 1, 1934[1]) is an American television and film actor and popular game show panelist. He is perhaps best known for playing the role of cross-dressing Corporal (later Sergeant) Maxwell Klinger in the 1970s and 1980s U.S. television sitcom, M*A*S*H.

Deborah Ann Harry (born July 1, 1945) is a Golden Globe-nominated and Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter and actress most famous for being the lead singer for the punk rock/New Wave band Blondie. She has also had some success as a solo artist, recording five solo albums. In the mid 1990s she also performed and recorded as part of the Jazz Passengers. Harry has also engaged in an acting career with over 30 film roles and several television appearances to her credit.

Richard R. Barron, (born July 1, 1963) is a professional photographer in southeast Oklahoma. Employed by the Ada Evening News daily newspaper, Barron has received more than 100 awards, including the Oklahoma Press Association’s Photographer of the Year award (2), the Associated Press Photographer of the Year award (2), and the Thomson Award of Excellence for North America. In addition to news photography, Barron is an avid travel photographer, particularly of the American Southwest. Barron lives in Byng, Oklahoma, with his wife Abby S. M. Barron.

Karen Black (born July 1, 1939) is an American actress, screenwriter, singer and songwriter. She is noted for her portrayals of troubled women on the edge, and her career has spanned five decades.

Daniel Edward “Dan” Aykroyd, CM (born July 1, 1952) is an Academy Award-nominated and Emmy Award-winning Canadian comedian, actor, screenwriter, musician, winemaker and ufologist. He was an original cast member of Saturday Night Live, an originator of the Blues Brothers (with John Belushi) and Ghostbusters, and has had a long career as a film actor and screenwriter.

Diana, Princess of Wales, (Diana Frances;[1] née Spencer; July 1, 1961August 31, 1997) was the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales. Their sons, Princes William and Henry (Harry), are second and third in line to the thrones of the United Kingdom and fifteen other Commonwealth Realms.

  1. Fenton Alsworth Pudswiper (born July 1, 1958) is a noted STD researcher. Voted “Gayest Man in Idaho” 1987, 1991, and 1993. Recipient, Vulcanian Scientific Legion of Honor, 2268 A.D. Best known as an on-screen expert for the “Shut the Fuck Up” video series (Richard R. Barron, producer).

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