Civil Liberties in the Face of Threats

Here is an email I wrote to conservative/libertarian radio talk show host Neal Boortz, who like a lot of the shallowest in the public eye tend to wave the flag a little too hard to fan their ratings flames:

As a fellow pilot I am curious about your apparent lack of concern regarding the Transportation Security Administration’s erosion of pilot’s rights to due process, military harassment of pilots near Temporary Flight Restriction areas (especially in light of their far less than stellar performance in dealing with a legitimate threat on 9-11-01), and ongoing questionable practices of restricting General Aviation operations under the smokescreen of national security, when in fact the general aviation community, of which you and I are both members, poses far less a threat to America’s security than such entities as trucking, maritime shipping, or other industries that are far more capable of delivering blows to civil infrastructure. It is my view that the rights of pilots, as are many other law-abiding segments of America, are being degraded simply because they can be, in the name of security. The defense of freedom takes many forms, and is not simply the task of sending tanks and troops into towns where obvious enemies are hording arms and supplies, but is also remaining vigilant that our own governments, industries and businesses do not take from us the same liberties that terrorists would.

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