1. Also, if I remember my grammar correctly, the usage of multiple ‘explanation points’ helps explain to the reader that you’re really, really excited, either negatively or positively. Examples:

    “I love my job!!!!!!!!!” (positive)


    “I hate being addicted to crack!!!!!!!!!!” (negative)

  2. i like randomly inserting the number 1 into strings of explanation points (i.e. lol omfg!!!!!1!!!!!).

    it makes it seem like i accidentally took my pinky off the shift key but in reality i punched in the 1 on purpose.

    also, when a question requires extra emphasis, the explanation point should FOLLOW the question mark (YOU KNOW WHAT I’M SAYING?!).

    proper punctuation trumps getting excited although getting excited is also fun. the 1 can be placed at any point after the question mark but it must be accompanied by at least two explanation points.

  3. That would make a great research paper topic for a paper about a punctuation mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As for me, I’m more concerned about the apostrophe. There is talk of apostrophe abolishment””””””””!!! Can you imagine a keyboard without an apostrophe?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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