Skirting Perfection

“It is so difficult to have pity and love for the people we see around us each day. They have tobacco smoke in their lungs, alcohol in their blood, raw evil in their guts, and the backs of their hands smacking across their kid’s sugar-sticky, un-seat-belted carcasses. I’m sorry, Jesus. I can’t find it witin me to love Joe and Jane Ignorant Redneck. Will it be enough for me to simply avoid slaughtering them mercilessly?” -D

“One massive,  unsymbolic Universe, moving toward nothing. Strangely, such a concept makes me happy.” -D

“It’s nothing I haven’t seen in your mouth before.” -M

Swollen, bitter walnut grandpa farting vs grandma’s nightgown fart.

“GLIM – the perfect combination between GLIB and GRIM – which sums me up perfectly.

–> although, I guess GRIB would be okay too.” -D

“So, I’ll alternately be GLIM and GRIB.” -D

“Are we not all assmasters?”-D

“Ancient, dripping, smelly meat
hanging on a calcified structure,
a living structure, a substructure
which only serves to undermine the
eventual and ultimate flexibility which
every entity loves and deserves?” -D

“86 year old grandpa retires for the
evening. He lays his hairless head down
next to his dead wife’s pillow. He
prays joylessly, aloud, that the LORD
take him if it is HIS WILL. Nine hours
later, he is awake, smearing the most generic
grape jelly that money can buy on the
store brand white bread his
daughter-in-law got at the grocery store.
He chews mechanically and waits
to join his wife.” -D

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