Negative IQs

Poking around the internet the other day, I found a quiz that said it could guess my level of education. Sure, internet, whatever.

Wow. The internet must really think I'm smart!
Wow. The internet must really think I’m smart!

Of course, this isn’t any kind of a compliment, because the quiz asked me questions for which I learned the answers by eighth grade. It was, instead, an indictment of how grotesquely stupid most people are. Feh.


  1. Because how many people think Vermont is the largest U.S. state? What if it had asked about the smallest province in Canada? I would have failed. Instead, it said “PhD” for me too, despite my actual level of education being “some college” — only two classes outside of high school that would count toward any secular degree.

    (Also, the last question could have been true OR false. All the astronauts we’ve ever sent into space could hear sounds, because they were encased in air, through which sound travels just fine. It should have been “sound waves can travel through a vacuum”, to be a fair question. So, instead of an indictment of “most people”, I think it’s just an indictment of the people who wrote the quiz.)

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