My Wife

I know this sounds strange to everyone around me who has been married, but I still find it amazing that I have a wife. Even writing it right now sounds strange. I spent so many years waiting and wishing, trying and failing, wanting to find someone to love.

That she is an amazing woman is less of a surprise. Maybe the reason I was alone was that I was waiting for the right one.

I knew early on that she would be the one. So many times before when I was in love, I felt an underlying insecurity, something deep inside that told me it would end, and that I would be alone again. When I got close to my wife, I never felt that, even once.

The more I listen to this song, the more sense it makes…

You’re the only one I ever believed in
The answer that could never be found
The moment you decided to let love in
Now I’m banging on the door of an angel
The end of fear is where we begin
The moment we decided to let love in


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