Notes that Don’t Sing

Before blogging, there was journaling. It was fun, but only one person at a time could share it. The advantage was that it could be more intimate. The disadvantage was that it would sit in the dark. Here, then, are some choice excerpts from something dark.

Possible subtitle: dripping with cynicism.

  • If you ask for it, you deserve it.
  • I don’t despise who you are. I despise who you believe you are.
  • Your lies are of no interest to me, even if they are only lies to yourself.
  • The tree of life obscures the target. Cut it down.
  • Responsibility automatically comes to those who are aware.
  • Somehow we come to believe that suffering will make us important.
  • Humanity might not be the place for greatness.
  • Fly away. I see you in the distance.
  • I have no right to say that I am lonely. I only have the right to be lonely.
  • You are out of excuses.
  • “It never worked.” -K, about our two years together.
  • Pure and simple vs complex and subtle.
  • I let the moment fill me with what is essential.
  • Despite the small people around me, I remain at large.
  • Why would I ever expect you to understand this?
  • “I’m not afraid of this. I know I should be.” -M, about a relationship with me.
  • I am Erebus.
  • It feels like digging a hole.
  • She’s like me: dirty, impure, raging, real.
  • “I’m not smart enough to be an atheist.” -Negative Guy
  • Women love young, fat guys because they look like babies, and women love babies.
  • I am more complex than this. I am more complex than you can imagine.
  • Hope and fear stand in their corners, blame and guilt their coaches. The bell rings.

The end of the black and silver notebook.

Let me know if you need my notes.
Let me know if you need my notes.

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