Source of Light

“I always thought that I was the source of light
and without me you wouldn’t want to survive..

One day I was in Walgreens here in Ada, looking for AA batteries. I was scanning the aisles for the battery kiosk when a really beautiful  – I mean amazingly beautiful – woman caught my eye. Wow. She’s…

Oh. It was my wife.

Abby and I are about to celebrate our eighth wedding anniversary. If our eight years together have demonstrated anything, it’s the cliché that time flies when you are happy.

There she was, walking toward me. She hadn’t noticed me yet, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. Her face, her body, her heart and soul, are for me, as the Joni Mitchell song says, “stapled in every brain cell.”

When she saw me, he face mirrored mine, and she gave me that smile.

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