– page left intentionally blank –

“If it’s not stiff enough, you could back it with cardboard.” -T

Flow-Bee your cootie?

Therapus: 6-legged sea creature that kills its prey by gentle massage.

“I can’t stop! I have to defeat the gum!” -T

“I don’t trust mountains. I also don’t trust animals that live in the water.” -T

What a bunch of wee wee juice.

Hell is for children
Work is for chumps
God is for losers
Lunch is for wimps
Toilet paper is for the weak

Behold the sacred breast milk of Joey Heatherton!

-The diaperous safety belt
-Corn porkers
-The Dutch shouldn’t have an airline
-The Trojan Horse maneuver
-Shamma Lamma Ding Dong

The apostle Paul came to me in a vision. He was wearing flippers and my grandma’s fur coat. He was eating a pig. I told him to shut up and make me a turkey pot pie, but he thought it would be funnier to throw apples at my mastoid process.

“Go ahead, Paul, kill and eat.” -God
“In the strictest sense, we all feed on death.” -Spock



Contrary to the assertions of
R’s subconscious, money is
probably a good metaphor
for DUNG. —->
which is brown
and sounds like a bell.
unlike money
which is green and sounds
like “honey.”
ok, meow meow bunny?

My unintentional rhyming and
alliteration amuse and concern
Have we not left automatic
writing behind?
Automatic writing could signal
the return of a new dadaism.


We’re Dada now!
My surreal hiccup excuses itself.


My burlap chin-up amuses an elf.