We are the Nauseons!

“You’re all a bunch of f*cking idiots.” -Jim Morrison

If a blind man is about to die, does he hear his life flash before his ears?

“Hey, Matthew. Wanna go get a beer?”
“Okay, but I have to bone my chicken first.”

They’d call it a routine retirement of a replicant, but I’d never f*cked a man to death before.

We have a life-sized statue of Norman Mailer made entirely of tallow and grapes.

Rocky Mountain oyster, lock you in cloister.

Cootie crew-cut.

“You know we’ll be the ‘Cletus’ of the f*cking galaxy if we ever make contact. Everybody’ll make fun of us.” -D

-Oliver Closeoff
-Dick Everhard

Always the truck stop in Alabama with you, isn’t it?
“Together we’ll fill the galaxy with gas!” -J

“Watch as Rex Hardpole sprays his dangerously infected semen across the silver screen!”

“We are gathered here to honor meat.”

“He doesn’t want anything. He’s insane.”

“Duck my sick!” -D

“You’re not going to manhandle me, are you?” -M, 1978

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