Why Rebranding?

I know I wrote it, but what if I unwrote it? Would you read it then?
I know I wrote it, but what if I unwrote it? Would you read it then?

I see this a lot: someone will start a blog or website, post content to it, be disappointed in the result, abandon the site, and start another site with another URL, and post the same content with a slightly different style or stated goal. This is tail chasing, and here’s why…

  • Changing your URL from iheartphotos.wordpress.com to ilovephotos.wordpress.com has no effect on who sees your site. This might have mattered in 2001, but today, very few web users care about URLs.
  • You can change your existing site to reflect your new ideas and presentation without abandoning it or moving to a different web address; just change the theme and move the old content to the drafts folder or delete it.
  • If you do abandon a site or blog, do us all a favor and delete it into the stone age. Nobody likes link rot, and it will divide and confuse your potential readers.
  • Abandoning a site alienates people who visited it, and they often just give up rather than adjust their bookmarks, because people don’t use bookmarks like they once did.
  • Nothing about changing where you blog will change how you blog. If you generated boring stuff for 123.com, your content will still be boring on 456.com.
  • Changing your site or your blog has little chance of changing your life. Really, that whole millennial “reinventing myself after long hours of soul-searching” is just bullshift.
  • “I plan to start a blog” means nothing. Start. Your. Blog.

I write this as yet another friend has reinvented herself for about the fifth time. Her work remains exactly the same, as does her notion that changing web addresses will change everything.

You know what wins awards? Content.
You know what wins awards? Content.


  1. Though it’s tiring, I usually give people the benefit of the doubt (unless they tell me otherwise). I try to think of a good reason for what they did, or at least assume there might be a reason I can’t think of. In the case under discussion here, I can’t think of any good reasons, but perhaps they believe there is one. (Maybe cyberstalking at the old address, or unable to login and had to start a new account?)

    But yes, on the whole, I think a lot of the internet is filled with useless, abandoned sites like this. Maybe someday our sentient AI overlords will start cleaning it all up for us…

  2. Taking the self-evaluation angle, I know I struggle with old content on my site. When prioritizing my time, I ask myself, is it more important to create new content or to self-police my old stuff. (I try to do both, of course, but most days only contain a few minutes of truly free time.)

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