Coyote in a Sweater

Dream: My cousin Lori gives me a disk to install on my laptop at my office, supposedly intended to improve the newsroom’s culinary skills through a video game. Almost immediately I discover there is porn on it.

I try to find our editor, Glenn, to find out what to do, but when I find him he is crying. I tell him I’ll come back.

I go into my old office, the former darkroom, which now has a skylight, and as a result it is over 100º. I do a little dance to celebrate.

Glenn and I are then in an airport, trying to make our flight on a Boeing 747, but we don’t have our luggage or laptops, and miss our flight.

On the way home, I almost run over some coyotes and try to take one home to tame. I put one of Abby’s dog sweaters on it. More stray dogs show up, and the coyote tries to bite me, so I lock our dogs in the garage so they won’t “go wild.”

I look up and see two Boeing 727 jets towing a drone at incredible speed, followed by a Copperhead missile.

Don't let your dogs "go wild."
Don’t let your dogs “go wild.”