Of Course: a Burial Shroud

My wife Abby often sees things plainly that I tend to over-analyze. She was looking at some of our photo galleries this morning and came across my 2006 Jornada del Muerto images from the Great Gallery at Canyonlands National Park. This iconic collection of ancestral pictographs in Horseshoe Canyon shows mysterious human-like figures that have been variously described as tribal elders, gods, or even aliens. As Abby looked at them this morning, she told me, “Maybe these are people in burial shrouds, and the drawings show them ascending into the sky.”

As usual, Abby is brilliant.

The iconic figures of Canyonlands' Great Gallery
The iconic figures of Canyonlands' Great Gallery

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  1. She’s probably right but nobody will accept her answer because people will want to continue speculating.

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