Flags and Candy

Candy the DJ
Candy the DJ

This morning editor Talina asked me if I had a picture of “Candy.” I assumed she wanted a picture of the radio DJ formerly known as Candy Matthews (who now just goes by her first name.) I was wrong; she wanted me to shoot a picture of a bowl of candy for the story to go with the fact that Ada’s Halloween safe house has been re-branded the “Candy Bowl.” (In my own defense, Talina did not say the word “candy” with a lower-case C, so how was I to know?)

Minutes later I saw Candy at the National Guard armory as we both covered the return of the 1120th Ordnance Company and the attendant parade. She was early with her live spot, so she asked me to tell a joke on the air. I told one of my favorites:

A horse walks into a bar. The bartender says, “Why the long face?”

She didn’t think it was funny.