Coolest Mother-in-Law Ev-ARE!

Background information: Dorothy Milligan was Abby’s mother-in-law for 23 years while Abby was married to Paul Milligan, the youngest of three brothers. He died in 1992. In spite of the fact that Dorothy is not technically related to us biologically (except that Abby’s daughter Chele is Dorothy’s granddaughter), we still regard her as our mother-in-law, and she feels the same way about us. Dorothy lives on the other end of our bucolic pasture, and we all take care of each other. (Pay attention – this will all be on the test.)

Tonight I took something down to Dorothy’s house for her, and she was there to receive it. She told me that yesterday a large Kingsnake fell into her living room from above. She assumed it came from the attic or a high bookshelf. It appeared stunned to her after it fell, and not wanting to kill it, she brandished a broomstick or other implement and attempted to usher it out. The reptile awoke, and managed to slip away behind her computer desk, and she hasn’t seen it since.

Here’s the cool part: she doesn’t care. She figures that if she doesn’t bother it, it won’t bother her. And it might eat some mice while it remains a guest. Man, she’s cool.

Oh, and she’s been to Israel three times.

Eastern Kingsnake
Eastern Kingsnake