Ivy League Scooter

Living a stereoscopic life...
Living a stereoscopic life…

Dream: Robert, Scott and I are professors at an Ivy League university. We live on the expansive fifth floor of the most prestigious dorm on campus.

Thinking that we are moving to another section of the fifth floor, we discover it is a mistake, and we are moving to rough dorm, with lots of smoking, drinking and fighting. We see a boy and a girl fist fighting, and both are covered in blood and bruises.

We are then riding back to the dorm on a red scooter with a trailer. We help a guy who is winching our stuff up to the fifth floor window. He refuses to let us sign up for the military.

I am then riding down Main Street in Stratford, Oklahoma, on the scooter when I stop to get gas and chicken. I see my friend Chesna, who is super filthy from playing softball. She hugs me anyway. She shows me her engagement ring. Coworker Dawn is there also, with multi-colored end wrenches. She too shows me her engagement ring, saying “all they want to do is talk and plan and blah blah! i just want to get married!”

Chesna mentions that the trailer of my scooter has come loose, and I run across the street trying to catch it.

We all have a past, and this one was 101% cool.
We all have a past, and this one was 101% cool.


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