Ass Grass

A combination of a cold winter, a fairly wet spring, and my absence for a week at the end of march created a perfect storm of early weeds like henbit. Mowing tonight summoned the following quote from that Japanese Admiral in Tora Tora Tora Tora, Yamashitamotosaki, who, upon hearing that the United States might be mad that Japan attacked them, said, “I fear we have awakened a Giant Muh, and filled him with a terrible sexual arousal.”

Anyway, the front yard fought tooth and nail against being mowed tonight. Meh.

O, front yard, who can frame your fearful symmetry?
O, front yard, who can frame your fearful symmetry?

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  1. I guess one good thing about having a small lawn like mine is that the sheer number of weeds is limited by lack of square feet.

    But the disadvantage is that it’s in town in an HOA neighborhood that bans weeds, and is owned by a guy (me) who wants it weed-free year round…

    Long, cold winters mean our summer grass is barely starting to grow now, while the weeds here seem to not care about temperature or lack of rain.

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