Pinch, Coke, You Owe Me a Poke

Abby brought home dinner, after which I wanted to do something outside. I thought about shooting one of my 9mm pistols, but by the time we were done eating, it was getting a bit dark, so I just walked around the patch for a bit. As always, Buxton the goat wanted a piece of the action, so I brought him some branches and weeds. One of the weeds is one I have brought him before and he always declined, pokeweed. I grabbed some from the south fence and carried it over to the yard. He still declined to eat it. I guess he knows what he’s doing.

Afterwards there was a really cool pink stain on my left pinky finger, and it looked a little like maybe I had just killed a clown.

Here is my only clown joke: Two cannibals are eating a clown when one of them pauses and asks the other, “Does this taste funny to you?”

It's really purple, but I think it's funnier to say I had a pink pinky.
It’s really purple, but I think it’s funnier to say I had a pink pinky.

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