Slimy six-legged antenna-bird of New Guinea

140 pounds of pure man


by Crustulon

well, here it goes
another pile
chocolately pulsating
dry slide
sugar fade

by gang reen

have I said it BEFORE?
is that why nobody is listening?
is the TV distracting you?
did I slip over your
Is that why you look
away when I mention KAFKA?
you cringe because of
the insect
but you don’t see
the anthropodic
sweep of history
a recording of attitudes
a changing of alliances
FRANZ shook his head so many
times that his skinny neck
X-like, he suffered for
his times
If he were alive today
we would shrink
his head and mount it
on the hood of our Infinity
he would need no TB
with which to commit
a bit stringy
but marinated
a fine Czech dish.