Buxton: Still an Idiot

Buxton the Goat: will he ever learn?
Buxton the Goat: will he ever learn?

For the third time in less than a week, Buxton the Goat has gotten his head stuck in the fence. Presumably this is because his horns have grown too long and he doesn’t understand that his head doesn’t fit any more. Since he fights if you touch his horns, the only realistic way to free him is to saw one of the bars in the cattle panel to make the hole wide enough for him to pull free.

I told Abby the first time this happened that I didn’t think he’d learn a thing, and he obviously didn’t.

  1. I was just sharing this story with Billy earlier today when we drove by a goat and now I go to your blog and it happened again! What are ya gonna do with that poor goat!

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