A Modest Proposal

From the Ada Evening News (my newspaper): Marissa Long, Ada Evening News Ad-visor, received a surprise marriage proposal from David Morriss Friday morning. Morriss, a Pickett-Center firefighter and paramedic for Murray County, arrived at the Ada Evening News by Pickett-Center ladder truck with lights flashing and sirens blaring. Accompanying Morriss were co-workers in a second ladder truck. Firefighters, dressed in full gear, entered the building and escorted Long outside where Morriss was waiting with a bouquet of roses and a diamond engagement ring. The couple has not set a date for the wedding.

Morris proposes to Long
Morris proposes to Long


  1. So are you gonna have this photo nicely framed and give it to them as a wedding gift?? I think you should!!!

  2. I am trying to hunt down this exact brown and orange firman’s jacket, can you tell me what town you took this photo. Thanks.

    (PS. I’m a photographer too, you are welcome to check out my site joshuahubert.com)

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