An Epic Conundrum

As I sat here a few minutes ago I thought something smelled not so good. It almost reminded me of something on fire, or something electrical. I got my super-bright flashlight and shined it into the darkness around the house, hoping it would illuminate any smoke. As I peered around one corner and another, I became aware of a squeaking or chirping sound that seemed to be coming from quite close by.

I tried to put the two together, but it didn’t make sense. Then it occured to me that something might be wrong with my goats. Coyotes are quite common in this neck, so I checked them. They were fine. While I was out there, though, I could hear the squeaky sound even louder. It seemed to be coming from under the house. I opened one of the inspection ports and pushed my flashlight up next to it so I could see inside.

There. Two skunks, doing to nasty. Getting jiggy with it. Making the beast with two back. Squeaking the chrome. Oiling the lemon. Polishing the limo.

Suggestions are welcome.

  1. When I lived on a farm skunks were a real problem. I used electrical tape to secure a maglight to the stock of a 12 gauge. It was on spotlight setting and whenever I pulled the trigger whatever was in the light at the time was destroyed. Randy.

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