Don’t Mock My Roots

Hot and delicious, Abby bragged and bragged about how good my roots were
Hot and delicious, Abby bragged and bragged about how good my roots were

Listening to Doctor Radio again today, a segment on gardening inspired me to make a dish for dinner I hadn’t made in years: baked roots. Basically it is a collection of cubed or quartered root vegetables, cooked in a casserole for about 90 minutes in a marinade of margarine and a little lemon and salt.

I told some friends at work about this notion, and none of them could fathom why this would be a nice meal; red potatoes, turnips, red onions, carrots, and green onions, baked until tender. When I made it tonight, Abby and I thought it was probably the best meal either of us had eaten all week.

Moral: don’t mock Richard’s roots.


  1. OMG!!! This looks and sounds so fantastic I want it for breakfast this morning!! I am so making it for dinner tonight~ Do you add any seasonings other than margarine and lemon juice?

  2. This is very similar to one of our favourite winter dishes – a staple that Karyn’s mom makes from thanksgiving through to Easter. We don’t do the green onions, but a couple more tubers. Mmmm, hot and comforting. Nothing to be mocked here – move along!

  3. Make it to your liking. Add Tony Sacheries, Mrs. Dash, black pepper, anything. Just don’t go overboard. The turnips end up being the best part. I was going to sneak in some broccoli (though it’s not a root) to add some green, but all the broccoli at the store on the way home was limp.

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