Hashtag This, Doofus

I am verging on hiding the news feeds of all my Facebook friends who continue to put hashtags (the pound sign) in their posts. I could rant about it, or I could just copy and paste this excellent, and completely correct, analysis from Maddox:

And just an aside: hashtags are pointless, hashtag jokes are stupid and people who use them are giant assholes. The problem with Twitter hashtags, other than the fact that metadata doesn’t belong in your content, is that people who use Twitter insist on linking that shit on Facebook, Google Buzz, MySpace and every other website and widget they can possibly link to their stupid accounts. You know what, shitheads? If I wanted to follow you on Twitter, I’d sign up for an account. There’s a reason people choose one social network over another, and the rest of the world shouldn’t have to spend time figuring out the proprietary syntax of your stupid network. If people wanted to receive your Twitter updates on Facebook, they wouldn’t be using Facebook. People who link their accounts rarely deign to sign into both social networks to reply to or check comments, but they’re happy to share all their #unintelligible @twitter #nonsense #with @everyone #in #the #universe. The whole point of hashtags (or tagging in general) is that it allows people to easily categorize certain posts, and like categories, you should only use them when you’re searching for something, not to make some stupid joke about how obscure your “topic” is.

So my point is that if you desperately want me to see your posts, adding or including hashtags and/or the @ symbol will have the opposite effect.

Also, instead of getting all offended and unfriending me, consider what I am saying, that latter-day temporary hipness is annoying, and you need to learn to use sentences instead of !@#$%^&*. On the other hand, if you really can’t use sentences, please do go ahead and unfriend me.

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  1. Whats worse is the Facebook idiots that don’t have twitter accounts that use hashtags. They obviously dont know what they are, and think their humor or joke is improved by adding one. As an IRC user it pisses me off to see them on Twitter linked facebook accounts. It boggles my mind why these idiots would choose to use it. I hate them all and I should write a virus targeting these fucktards.

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