YourSpace Sucks; Goodbye MySpace

I just canceled my “MySpace” account.

I’ve never liked MySpace much, but the MySpace pages I really hate are, not surprisingly, the busiest, tackiest, least mature ones. I’d say that two thirds of the Myspace pages out there fall into that category: dozens or hundreds of cell-phone hold-away party pics of you and your all-look-alike teenage BFFs; barely-understandable pixelated video of giggling people laughing at things that aren’t really funny; profile text that reveals an abysmal absence of fundamental grammar skills like punctuation and capitalization; angry rants that go nowhere or go everywhere and only tell of the childishness of the author; bloated third-party add-on html decorations for your homepage that hopelessly obscure the text and take five minutes to load; et cetera.

I’ve had a Myspace page for several years despite all this. It was a decidedly third-tier priority in my web surfing lexicon. MySpace was my only point of contact with certain people, but if they want to find me, they have just as much Google as I do.

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