“Daddy, Is Reality Real?”

A friend of mine was once asked by his daughter, “Daddy, is reality real?” I don’t know his response, but I can tell you that no, it is quite unreal. Case in point: television.

Just a few minutes ago I was trying to entertain myself by watching Hulu, the web site that offers television programs old and new whenever you want them. I tried to think of an old tv program I liked when I was a kid, and “One Day at a Time” popped into my head. I know. Lame. But, I did like it when I was 16, and I cite as chief reason simply that the girls were beautiful. Some of them. Some of the time. Anyway.

I brought up an episode of One Day at a Time on Hulu, and about 18 seconds into the intro I realized this intro could have been made, maybe even was made, by a one or two person crew with a 16mm camera. And it took maybe, maybe, 20 minutes to film. This, dear readers, was broadcast entertainment in 1975. What a steaming pile of lame.