Leap Day

  • Abby worked late, and has been asleep since I got home from working basketball. She looks really pretty asleep in her recliner, covered by a lap full of Chihuahuas.
  • I read on Wil Fry’s blog the phrase “just another random blog,” and I felt that I wanted to reiterate that “blog” isn’t a word at all, but a handy fusion of the phrase “web log.”
  • This isn’t really a log. It’s more of a stump.
  • It is Leap Day, that extra day we only get once ever four years. It deserves some recognition, like, “Four happy birthdays to you,” for everyone born on this date. When I was a teenager, I always told myself that if I ever committed suicide, it would be on this date, so grieving friends and relatives would only grieve one fourth as often.
  • I went to Wal Mart three times this week and forgot my nuts each time! I need to put a memo on the grocery list: “Richard’s nuts!”
  • When I first typed this, I accidentally wrote “Wil Fry’s blop,” which I think is pretty funny.
  • Paint your soul pink for the summer.
Your handsome host makes a picture near the old barn
Your handsome host makes a picture near the old barn.