Rumors of My Demise

Big scary clouds over our house Monday; none produced significant severe weather
Big scary clouds over our house Monday; none produced significant severe weather

For those in far off lands who read or watched recent news about tornadoes destroying homes and businesses in Oklahoma, be assured that I was not among them. Although our news staff was in “All hands on deck” mode, none of the weather in our coverage area was destructive. The closest tornado damage to us was in Pottawatomie County to our northwest and Seminole County to our north, where our editor Talina Eaker’s parents’ house was damaged.

As some of you might know, I am a licensed amateur radio operator (kc5tfz), and an avid scanner listener, so Monday was a very exciting day for me radio-wise. I had four radios going, plus television (with the sound down) and Mesonet radar on two computer screens.

So, rumors of my demise were greatly exaggerated.

Taking tornado precautions (Photo by Talina Eaker)
Taking tornado precautions (Photo by Talina Eaker)


  1. I see you found a way to be safe from tornadoes *and* the super-flu at the same time.

    Sorry to hear about Talina’s house. Was this the same one that her sister single-handedly saved from a fire a few years ago? (I remember we made a hero of Teresa at the time…)

  2. Yep, it was the same house. Odd thing is, despite all the damage to the trees and outbuildings, the house only lost a few shingles and porch railings.

  3. The application of the 3 mil paper mask creates a positive vorticity advection of 7g per second. As the Coriolis force approaches the Planck Limit, a subject within the convex area-ruled surface boundary is protected from high-velocity air.

  4. Was that weather not CRAZY?! We were hiding in our closet under the stairs. I think our children were more worried about our cats outside than they were their own lives!

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