Sugly Soto Saturday

Okay, when Amber created “Fugly Photo Friday,” the alliteration made sense. But I have a few really ugly photos of myself, and it’s Saturday today, so we’ll all have to accept that it’s Sugly Soto Saturday. Nn-K?

A typical Barron family photo for the 1970s
A typical Barron family photo for the 1970s

Anyway, here is the first photo, made during the heyday of the polyester revolution, about 1975 or so. You can also see that I am struggling desperately with my hair identity, caught exactly halfway between Woodstock and Mork and Mindy. I am also working to perfect my squint.

Also pictured are my grandfather Russell Barron, a sister who prefers to remain anonymous, my mother Sarah Jo Barron, and my grandmother Mini Alleen Barron. The original image is a Polaroid.

I think we have a new ugly photo leader!

  1. That photo does’nt EVEN compare Richard! Shooooot. I freaking SMOKED you. You actually look really cute in that picture. I’m just trying to figure out what you are all looking at. I’m gonna have to pull out the big guns….the WAR is on like donkey kong and queen latifa in a thong. (Just give me a few days to gather my composure. Dang.)

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