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A recent comment I made on a friend’s blog: …the Smart Phone era is one of the things that makes being a professional photographer difficult. People are actually happy with the crap they get out of a lens the size of a match head, as long as they can pass it around at work and to their friends. A friend and fellow pro photographer says that when he wants to drive up traffic counts on his web site, he’ll post pictures of his friends, intermingled with his fine art images. He says his friends pull out their phones, navigate to his site, and skip every fine art image they come across in order to look at pictures of themselves. It’s a frustrating exercise for him, because they almost always miss the upshot of his web site, which is to express his beautiful vision. But self-centered, shallow people with no ability to appreciate art have always been out there. When I post images and write articles for my site, the audience is secondary, and at the core of it all is that I express myself honestly. In the end, that’s enough for me.

The Blackberry is so 29 seconds ago.
The Blackberry is so 29 seconds ago.

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  1. “the audience is secondary”

    That’s a much shorter way of saying what I’ve said for years… That my blog isn’t for you. That my photos and poems weren’t for you either. You’re free to enjoy them, but they were for me.

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