The Passing of a Patriarch

Hershel Shoffner
Hershel Shoffner

Abby’s father, Hershel Shoffner, the grand patriarch of the 11 brothers and sisters of the Shoffner family, the man who proudly served in the United States Navy in World War II, the man who taught my wife to shoot and fish and repair cars and countless other things, a man universally admired for his strength and sensibility, died last night after a short illness, less than a month before his 87th birthday. He will be missed.


  1. Oh no. So sorry to hear this, after reading the more hopeful entry anticipating how much ability he might have after recovering from his pneumonia.

    Please pass my condolences along to Abby.

  2. In the words of a great friend of mine:
    “Life is fleeting and precious. Be grateful for every breath.” -Richard R. Barron

    Love to you, friend. And love to Abby.

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