An Insufferable Garden Braggart

Preface: yes, I am fully aware that I talk too much about my garden, my gardening success, my beautiful fruits and vegetables, and how over-the-top cool it makes me.

The bounty: peppers and tomatoes
The bounty: peppers and tomatoes


Anyway, there was a frost warning Friday night when I got home from Utah, so I went out to harvest some of the better looking tomato and bell pepper fruit (and to check on the goats). I discovered that while I was gone my garden had taken upon itself to burst forth with the largest harvest, particularly with peppers, of the year.

There’s a freeze watch for tonight, so it may be necessary to rent a truck to haul my harvest (insert dumb winking emoticon here.)

  1. I love your garden talk. I think you should start a vegetable blog and if you do, it’s gonna be really big. It could even surpass the popularity of my blog. You could call it “Talk Veggie to Me.”

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