A Very Weird Night at Wal Mart

Old laundry basket full of juice bottles
Old laundry basket full of juice bottles

Okay, it apparently wasn’t enough that I saw a bobcat on the way to Wal Mart. Once I got there, things got much weirder.

  • In the parking lot, I saw an old plastic laundry basket full of Tropicana juice bottles, apparently full of juice.
  • The package on the light bulbs I was buying said, “select warm white for home use, daylight white for more natural light,” which would have been vague enough, but in addition to that, nowhere on the packaging did it say which type bulbs were inside.
  • When I swiped my card, the machine started asking all kinds of questions I’d never seen before. The guy told me it wanted to see my driver license. When he keyed that in, it asked for my social security number. I told it to cancel. It then took a manager to get the register reset and my bulbs rung up.
  • As I was just walking out the door, a woman with one shoe off started telling me all about why her shoe was off, going on at length, while I was walking away, about how she couldn’t find her nail clippers.

Hmm. It was a very weird night at Wal Mart.

  1. LOL. I’ve had weird nights like that too, but very few of them were at Wal-Mart. That’s where I usually have my “frustration” nights. :-)

  2. Rich man, you post a lot of blog entries! I could have f***in sworn (please pardon my filthy language) I was all caught up and in like one day I come back and all these posts are here! Awe Man!!!

    (Sorry Richard, but I’m becoming a big fan of the negative guy. He’s such a sit com character just aching to be created)!

  3. I’m surprised you didn’t hear Rod Serling’s voice over the intercom … Yuk, Wal-Mart.

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