Funhouse of Horrors

Dream: Some friends and I are seemingly trapped inside a warehouse with a complex, chaotic layout. We search room to room to find no one. Gradually we realize it is used as a Halloween fun house. We eventually find a large room full of people, which we realize are actually just paper signs.

I decide I am hungry, so without difficulty I leave the warehouse to find myself on Campus Corner in Norman, Oklahoma, where I run into my friend Anna. We decide there is a Burger King nearby, and we debate mayonnaise. I throw her keys to her, but they go over her head and lodge in a drain gutter.

As I walk toward Burger King, I hear my aviation scanner in my backpack, and open it up to hear better. The voice is my flight instructor George, talking about the weather. I look up at the sky to see that lightning has streaked across the clouds, but is frozen there like a photograph. As I stare at it, the clouds and lightning gather into a ball and begin to rise, which I find difficult to frame in the camera on my phone.

I remember being concerned the weather was going to kill me.
I remember being concerned the weather was going to kill me.

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