Snow Nazis vs the Tuna Can

The soldiers of 7th Flieger and 22.Luftlande-Infanterie-Division had winter equipment and were accustomed to defend themselves even when encircled. These units were used in small "penny packets" during the defence of the Moscow salient during the winter. The legandary Fallschirmjägers were able to hold the lines but suffered heavy casualties during the difficult winter of 1941-1942.
Soldiers of 7th Flieger and 22.Luftlande-Infanterie-Division (Photo courtesy Hearts of Iron)

Dream: World War II Wehrmacht soldiers in snow apparel have infiltrated our house. There seem to be dozens of them, in the closets, around corners, in the bathrooms, everywhere. We are fighting them off with machine guns, and I have a triple machine gun. It has a high kill area, but when I point it at a target, it hits three targets. The battle rages. When we finally have them all defeated and are pulling bodies out of the house, I see Abby laying on the floor in her dressing room. Terrified, I run to her and roll her over. Under her I find a tuna can with a large dent in it. She opens her eyes, and I realize the tuna can saved her life.

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