The author, 1999
The author, 1999

I’ve been thinking about coloring my beard for some time now. It’s been getting steadily grayer in recent years.

I first started growing it in the summer of 1985, at which time it grew deep red.

My wife Abby’s stylist Layce told me not long ago that it would be quick and easy to color it, so today I gave it a try, although the color we used isn’t as red as it was in 1985.

Abby will weigh in as well, and I won’t keep coloring it if she doesn’t like it.

This is me at 1 pm, and me at 4 pm.
This is me at 1 pm, and me at 4 pm.


  1. You do look younger, but I would consider a lighter red. Afterall your hair color is also alighter red than it was.

    On the other hand, you are looking more and more like Kris kringle with your current beard.

  2. Wow, tough call. I like it both ways. I’m one to talk given that I had to start coloring my hair a couple of years ago. I guess I say, if you’re going to color it, maybe make it a touch redder — closer to its actual color, before the greying began.

  3. Yeah, tough call. Do what makes you happy. (Subtext: do what makes Abby happy.) By the way, I’m planning a Saturday trip to the capitol city of Little Rock for a day-long (self-guided) photo tour. Hope it will be productive. (There are many nice pubs downtown, too.)

  4. I like the grey/while you look like a distinguished professor and drop like knowledge like one. So yea. You look fantastic either way and Abby loves all the Richard so always winning!

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