Home Again: Abby and the Slime Mold

For those who thought Abby and I were on vacation this week, which we planned to be, here is the news: we aren’t. Abby burst into fever Friday night, and just spent the last three days in the hospital. While she was there, she suffered a terrible fall in the middle of the night, landing on her face. She had a CT scan and nothing is broken, but she currently looks like she was in a car crash.

But she’s home and feeling better.

Also, the slime mold that appeared on my bathroom windowsill earlier this year is back, only black.

My windowsill is a little zoo!
My windowsill is a little zoo!


  1. Well color me distressed. And speaking of color, did the mold turn black in sympathy to Abby’s poor hurt face? YOU SHOULD CALL US WHEN THESE THINGS HAPPEN SO WE CAN BE TENSE AND WORRIED TOO.

  2. Not a reader of your blog, but I happened across this post and figured I’d give my two cents… The slime looks like Stemonitis fusca to me — when grown indoors, it can look like that.

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