Among the Undead

This is my sister Nicole impersonating an alert dog.
This is my sister Nicole impersonating an alert dog.

Those close to the Giant Muh will be relieved to discover that my sister Nicole and her husband Tracey are not dead. They are, however, hunkered down in the dark, sheltering in place from Hurricane Isaac. She texted me this morning:

“Godawful mess pain in the ass! Laura (their dog) strangely chill. She trotted out and peed! In a hurricane!”

Seven years ago today Nicole was in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, while Hurricane Katrina was destroying her house.

UPDATE, September 2, 11:04 pm: text message from Nicole…

“We have POWER! Frolicking!”

UPDATE, September 1: text message from Nicole…

“Sunburned, bug munched, failed utterly by utility company.”

UPDATE, August 31: text messages from Nicole…

“Lack of power has not deterred Tracey from his omelette making.”

“We have set up a crude but effective Star Trek watching facility in my car. We even have snacks!”

“Waiting in line for water, ice and MREs.”

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