Constant Squeaking, or a Hot Dog Dog

As I write this in the twilight of Christmas Eve, we bask in the glow of a successful holiday. Abby, tired from our dramatic drive home and opening presents, has gone to bed with Sierra the Chihuahua at her side. I am at my computer, and of course Max is chewing up a hot dog. A hot dog? We gave the dogs each a stuffed toy, a hot dog and a hamburger. For some reason, Max took to the hot dog and chewed on it for an hour or more. As he did so, the squeaker inside squeaked nonstop.

When we originally got him from the animal shelter four years ago, Max was one day from being euthanized. He was shy and clingy and didn’t even know how to play. Since then, though, he has become a fantastic and beloved pet. Merry Christmas Max the Chihuahua.

Caught Red-handed; Max Chews his Toy
Caught Red-handed; Max Chews his Toy


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