Sparing the Innocent

Tiny purple flowers wave in the breeze near Dorothy's red shed in the pasture
Tiny purple flowers wave in the breeze near Dorothy’s red shed in the pasture

It is spring. In Oklahoma, spring can bring severe thunderstorms, warm periods, cold snaps, and wild wind. Today was something of a perfect spring day, and with Abby and her dog Sierra in Ryan visiting her folks, I took to the pasture, to chew on some overdue yard work. I mostly mowed, but I also dragged some branches to the brush pile. The branches had been cut from above power lines by the power company, since many had been broken during winter ice and were hanging on the lines. While I was out on the south 40, Barky’s mom (whose real name is Colleen, I think; we call her Barky’s mom because she has a dog that barks a lot) told me the power company had promised to come back and haul off those branches, but I told her I’d take care of it, no charge. In the process, I grabbed several large bundles of juicy weeds down by the brush pile and fed them to my goats.

I mowed some more, mostly on the big patch of empty between Dorothy’s house and ours, which we call “The Golf Course.” I let it grow too long, and it was thick with clover. On the east end over by the red shed, there were several large areas of small purple flowers, and I decided they were so nice looking in the spring breeze that I would spare them. When I was done, I came back and photographed them. I also made some additional images of Dorothy’s iris, which I photographed Wednesday morning as well.

After a long, cold winter, it is genuinely starting to feel like spring.

Iris growing near the rock wall by Dorothy's pine tree
Iris growing near the rock wall by Dorothy’s pine tree