Something for My Wife (or Every Little Kiss)

It was a stressful day for all of us, but for me it went easier because I spent much of the afternoon working outdoors. By the end of the day, with Abby and me home from work, I spent a few minutes unwinding by prowling around the patch, finding kibble to throw to the goats, checking out my new fruit tress, planning my garden, watching the sun go down.

Down by Dorothy’s, I noticed the old apple tree was starting to blossom. The small, pale pink and white flowers smelled so good that I knew I had something to bring inside to Abby.

I don’t especially want or expect anything more than a quiet “thank you,” so much as I want to lay another brick of foundation in our marriage. I do that by being the husband who brings his wife apple blossoms in the spring.

Flatbed scan of apple blossom
Flatbed scan of apple blossom

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