Break Pride

Watching a football game tonight, at halftime we saw segments of two marching bands. Oklahoma’s is called “The Pride of Oklahoma.” Here in Ada, ECU’s band calls itself “The Pride of Tigerland.” I don’t know exactly how the tradition began, but marching bands aren’t really the “pride” of anything. I was in a marching band once, and what we were was “The Largely Irrelevant Noisemakers at Football Games.” In the 30 or so years since then, marching bands have become even less relevant.

Another thing that bothers me is the way that any interest can rapidly become self-referential. I witnessed an example of this during my short flirtation with speech and debate. At competitions, the phrase you heard over and over was, “Did you break?” It was short for “Did you break prelims?” which was short for “Did you qualify for the second (third, fourth, etc.) round of competition?”

Of all the things I did when I was young, being in speech and debate was easily the least relevant, least useful of them all.

  1. So that was pretty deep actually. When you think about it and all. I’m married to a speach/debate guy. I know all about you types. However…he was not in a marching band. Nice photo…again.

  2. What I thought about while watching the band was how neat that they get to to to Florida. I thought the Florida band did a better performance tonight. After the loss there was a nice close up of an OU band member shedding a tear. I was deeply moved.

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