Internetal Malnutrition

I’ve been feeling somewhat malnourished by the internet lately. It’s not so much that I’m bored – Wikipedia articles about the triple-alpha process can vanquish that. It’s that it’s been so quiet lately. By “quiet,” I mean that the “RSS Feeds” folder in Safari has had a grand total of about five hits in the last ten days, all from Frank Rodriguez,  Scott AndersEn and Wil Fry. (I assume Facebook and the increasingly annoying devotion to the “smart phone” paradigm has blotted up what little creativity lingered on the internet.) With only Rodriguez, Fry and AndersEn for company, I have been required to turn my entire attention to the real world.

The calendar says it's summer, but the school year is here, so for me it's fall.
The calendar says it’s summer, but the school year is here, so for me it’s fall.

Fortunately, the real world has been extremely nourishing, particularly in photography. I’ve been shooting tons of images, making lots of video, and solving mountains of problems at my office. I am shooting really well, and it’s been very fun.

While Abby and the dogs and I were in bed for a nap this afternoon, my sister Nicole called to say that, as we already knew, a hurricane was bearing down on New Orleans. I told her that if push came to shove, they could come squat Dorothy’s house, assuming they brought their own towels.

With Abby reading in the back of the house, I spent much of the rest of the day building and refining a coffee table book of my travel photography using iPhoto. I stumbled upon it accidentally while trying to create a calendar or something, which is dumb of me, because I should have been aware of iPhoto’s capabilities long ago.

Finally, Abby is asleep and I am drinking wine and kicking ass at Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Oh, and I finally got my new brown Keen‘s broken in.


  1. I know the feeling… And, like you, I blame some of it on Facebook and smart phones.

    Some of it though (for me) is that some parts of the internet have a limited lifespan for each person. I can only learn so much from photography forums before I realize that it’s just the same questions repeated endlessly, and the same (disagreeing) answers repeated endlessly.

    For the most part, my internet usage is now limited to a handful of items:
    1) Blogs – writing two and reading a handful, most of which don’t update very often.
    2) News – usually just read the headlines, noting that none of them interest me.
    3) Photos – uploading for grandparents/cousins/etc. so I don’t have to make dozens of prints to mail out.
    4) Weather – because sometimes it does matter

    Geez. I just realized I could do all of that on Facebook, and with a smart phone, at decidedly less quality and more expense.

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