Another Fun Fact

[stextbox id=”warning” caption=”Did You Know?”]Most people know many of the street names for marijuana, such as grass, weed, reefer, dope, dagga, Mary Jane, roach, Texas tea, Astroturf, bhang, ganja, home grown, J, and roach. But there are a number of other monikers, including slag, network, potus, filth, the animal, dreck, sissy, lamb, talcum, the itchy, mighty nine, flu, glue, bugs, tetanus, guilt, the lag, small, sodium vapor, the reactor, Stalin, the pouts, mind leaf, pasteurized milk, trepsy, the clots, Daniel Day Lewis, gunk hole, the peters, lemon, milkshake, plug, onion, cram, victim, olive loaf, pep club, ebola, green-eyed slut, wastewater, the drink, sincerity, Elsie’s nipple, Lyle’s Deck, op-ed, punch, puke, wax, chili, bong gas, corn, registered sex offender, street meat, logic, Spock, tickle, little green book, weedipedia, Winston Smith, dazzles, the euthanized, Philip K. Dick, estrous, Kennedy’s brain, nozzle, smoke organ, Oswald, mistress, bowl paint, cookies, tuna town, churn, chicken nuts, tongue boner, Maggie’s drawers, pee pee, wombat, real sugar, fat kid, cricket, grasshopper, 6.02, periodic table, quack, dreck, more more, peanut, trash can, the plooker, der wienerschnitzel, my British accent, fetish pie, jato, jafo, Internet Explorer version 420, poe, ope, peo, eop, oep, purity of essence, pure rainwater, stress, concealed carry, center of mass, womenfolk, foo foo, fooshits, altercation, raisins, need, deity, Martin Muffley, 1201 alarm, Godbag, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Bohemian chew, time banger, Xavier, mama’s girl, Zepp, end feeder, failure, Sooch, serration, mold, identity, identity crisis, Amanda, Amanda’s tats, thunder, decocker, methgate, the ruiner, trick team, thumb tacks, Captain Blarpy, the megaphone, horsecrash, cheertoy, hula hoop, titillater, mongoose, paddleboat, way-way, chiggers, ice crispies, almost 421, Sheldon Cooper, middle man, pillow fight, piano solo, cream soda, mix tape, vintage, voicemail, sex oil, squid, pubes, bones, the magistrate, gargoyle, forgetness, the ocean, flip-flops, Weaver stance, tetrahedron, 30s, rubbertub, antlers, skidmark, tattles, Etsy stink, perfume, mucous membrane, tough guy, tiny, ointment, tube sock, restraining order, yellowcake, pure energy, green bean casserole, rack, road, charcoal, the mistake, tickbite, sneeze, and (−)-trans9-tetrahydrocannabinol).[/stextbox]


  1. When I lived in Arkansas, my friends called it “fried chicken” when on the telephone, believing that any cop listening in would have no idea what it meant (though the rest of the sentence remained unchanged).

    As in: “I bought some fried chicken. Let’s smoke it and get baked tonight.”

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