It Strikes Me as Beautiful

For as much snow as the United States has seen this winter and as frustrated with it as everyone has been, I still regard this as the way winter should be. For two days it has rained cold on us, with the popping of raindrops on the ground outside our bedroom window. Then today, as forecast, it turned to snow. I stepped outside and made this image, and I think the snow is beautiful.

View of fencepost in our front yard in brief, heavy snowfall this morning
View of fencepost in our front yard in brief, heavy snowfall this morning


  1. As inconvenient and painful as snow can be, I like to remind myself that “weather” is a pretty good system for providing us humans with what we need — like food and water.

  2. I agree this is the way winter is supposed to be and we do not have it like this very often. However, I prefer summer!!! Although, the ice storm was truly beautful. I saw a tree with no leaves and crystal clear ice packaged every limb and ice cycles frozen in place while dripping. A cardinal was perched upon one of the limbs giving it the most beautiful splash of color. That sight was the loveliest vision I have seen this winter. Then the tree fell, the bird flew away, the neighbors house caught on fire, transformers exploded and I lost two tv’s. It warms my heart that the little bird survived. Yes, Richard this has been a lovely winter in Oklahoma.

  3. When I was younger, I always said, “I prefer winter.” This is probably because I was winter-starved from living in places like Hawaii and San Antonio.

    Perhaps because of advancing age, I’ve come to enjoy all seasons for what they offer, including their extremes. They are not inherently “inconvenient” or harmful in any way; they are as they have always been (to some degree).

    What makes the seasons dangerous is that we (humans) have planned our lives without considering nature’s variances, and therefore we’re surprised or upset when the weather does what it’s supposed to do.

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