Rev Uh Lay Shun

“Reveal” is a verb, as in, “She will reveal her secret at the meeting in the morning.” The noun is “revelation,” as in, “I can’t wait to hear her revelation in the morning.” Just because Americans are too lazy too use four-syllable words instead of two-syllable words, or because we heard some celebrity say it on My Dick Built a House, doesn’t mean we have to mangle the language into dust every chance we get.

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  1. Thank you for revealing this revelation.

    While I do understand the tendency of Americans (and Brits, and Aussies, and probably the rest of the world) to shorten words and look for easier way to say things, this is one that’s always bugged me too. (“I can’t wait for the big reveal at the end of the show!”)

    What’s even worse is unnecessarily lengthening words. I still hear people say “conversate” when they mean “converse” or “talk”.

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